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Costa Doro II Grezzo 100% Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive oil 1 LTR



 Il Grezzo, unfiltered, contains the natural heritage of healthy substances in olives: vitamin E and polyphenols. An intense taste and a fruity aroma. The Grezzo contains the patrimony of polyphenols and vitamin E characteristic of olives and the naturalness of the unfiltered oil typical of an oil mill. The Grezzo, being an unfiltered oil, can leave a slight deposit in the bottom of the bottle and on the walls. The properties of Grezzo Il Grezzo contains the typical polyphenols of olives that have an antioxidant function, helping to protect blood lipids from free radicals. The positive effect is obtained with the daily intake of 20 g of olive oil, equal to 22 ml, about a tablespoon and a half. The Raw is rich in vitamin E which helps protect cells from oxidative stress. Raw is rich in unsaturated fats that help keep cholesterol at physiological levels when used to replace saturated fats.

Perfect as a condiment for salads, bruschetta, dips, grilled meat and soups.


Keep in cool and dry place and away from light. Close after use


Cold pressing of Green Olives. 

About the Brand

A  high quality olive oil  made in the Mediterranean tradition. It began in 1968 and now has brought them to where they are today: to be an oil company that consists of quality, innovation and a quest for the best in flavor and health as its core values. In 1996, Costa d’Oro was the first oil production company in Italy to obtain ISO 9002 certification