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Black Gold Black Truffle with Mayonnaise 130gr



The truffle flavor is noticeable but mellow, and won’t drown out the creaminess of the mayo,

Perfect for seasoning burgers, hot dogs and fries, the Truffle Mayonnaise is ideal for recipes using chicken, Turkey, fish and meat carpaccio or tartare, fried vegetables, or to create simple and delicious appetizers.


Store in cool, dry area. once opened keep refrigerated and consume in a few days.


Sunflower Oil, water, Sugar, Apple vinegar, Modified starch, Salt, Black truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vitt.) 1%, Betacarotene, (Preservatives : Potassium, Sorbate and Sodium benzoate.), (Antioxidant : Rosemary extract, Natural and Artificial flavours)

About the Brand

 A family-owned company, Black Gold holds a strong belief to bring only the natural taste to their consumers. The truffles are carefully selected and prepared to bring out it optimum freshness. No chemicals are added to enhance any flavours or fragrance