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Isola Doro Sugo Al Nero (Squid Ink Sauce) 130 GR



It contains small bits of ink-fish dipped in the velvety taste of the black and can ensure your palate different sensations of taste and texture, for a product never tiring those tasting it and being always appetizing.

 Excellent with spaghetti, perfect with rice, this sauce can be easily turned into the Catalan arroz negro if some shellfishes are added.


Store in cool, dry area. once opened keep refrigerated


Concentrated Tomatoe Paste, Squid Ink, Sunflower Olive Oil, White Wine, Onion, Garlic

About the Brand

L’Isola D’Oro preserving their tradition and following legal requirements strictly. They are certified with BRC, IFS to guarantee consistency for both its quality of process and product. They worked closely with MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) and Friend of the Sea to co-operate with WWF to follow guidelines of the addressed problems of unsustainable fishing and safeguarding seafood supplies for the future. They carefully selected the best quality raw material and transformed them into products rich in nutrients (Proteins, Omega3 & Vitamins) giving a good habit for your health and enjoy a wave of taste with spurts of contemporary energy!