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Mancini Spaghettoni 1 KG



Great flavour with a scent of real wheat and the pasta have scratchy, well-defined ridges.  Spaghettoni have a length of 260 mm and a diameter of 2,5 mm

Ideal and delicious for pasta sauces. Cooking time is between 11-13 minutes.


Keep in cool and dry place and away from light.


Durum wheat Semolina and water

About the Brand

Pasta Mancini, a small artisanal brand created by Massimo Mancini, a third generation wheat farmer who is attempting to bring back the old tradition of vertical integration back to pasta. That is, his hand is in every step of the process, from growing and harvesting the wheat, to making, drying. In 2007 he built a factory next to the farm, where the durum wheat is milled into semolina and made into eight dry pastas, using traditional-style bronze forms. His pastas are dried slowly, up to 60 hours, compared with as few as two or three in industrial plants.