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Marchesi di Barolo Grappa di Barolo 500 ML


Vine Variety

100% Nebbiolo


Bright white and Transparent


Characteristic scent of Barolo that is remarkably intense and penetrating


Full, warm, dry and it has a lingering finish.


Maturation at full strength for no less than 6 months in 700 liter Slavonian oak casks, the alcohol level is reduced to 43° and the grappa is bottled.

Food Pairing

Grappa is a wonderful way to end a meal, drunk either as a shot on its own or added to an espresso. A classic drink to conclude a meal but also a stimulating beverage for relaxing moments, alone or in company.

Alcohol Content


About the Brand

Marchesi di Barolo historical cellars are located in the town of Barolo, in the building overlooking the Castle of the Marquis Falletti. It is here that more than 200 years ago a beautiful story began. The story of a wine cellar where, in the heart of the Langhe area and protected by gentle hills, a wine was born. This wine, as the French tradition suggests, was called Barolo like the town where it was produced for the first time. Today the Abbona Family continues the work that began more than two centuries ago producing high quality wines meant to enrich, year after year, the history of this important cellar where modernity and tradition meet and where a great heritage of vineyards and knowledge has been passed down from parents to children for over five generations.