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Costa Doro II Grezzo 100% Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive oil 500 ML / 1 LTR



 The healthiest choice as it contains at least 30-percent more polyphenols and vitamins than filtered extra virgin olive oils. Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants and, together with vitamins, protect the cells from free radicals aggression.

Perfect as a condiment for salads, bruschetta, dips, grilled meat and soups.


Keep in cool and dry place and away from light. Close after use


Cold pressing of Green Olives. 

About the Brand

A  high quality olive oil  made in the Mediterranean tradition. It began in 1968 and now has brought them to where they are today: to be an oil company that consists of quality, innovation and a quest for the best in flavor and health as its core values. In 1996, Costa d’Oro was the first oil production company in Italy to obtain ISO 9002 certification