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La Nicchia Moscato Zibibbo Raisin On The Vine 250 GR



Zibibbo Muscat raisins, aromatic, sweet and soft. The seeds inside the raisins give a crunchy note but they are neither hard not tannic when you chew them. They are sun-dried and packed as a whole a cluster for the pleasure of picking raisin after raisin from the grape-stalk.

Ideal as a dessert at the end of a meal, energizing after sports and excellent for making cakes and desserts. Try them with Passito wine, drop a couple of raisins in your glass and let them soften for a few minutes.


Keep in cool and dry place and away from light.


100% Zibibbo Raisin

About the Brand

They are deeply entrenched in the soil of a remote Island, isolated from the world. Antonio Bonomo and Girolamo Giglio actually set up their Caper Production farm in Pantelleria as far back as 1949. We have the best Capers in the world!