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Extra Taggiasche Pitted Olives With Taggiasche Extra Virgin Olive Oil 180 GR / 920 GR



Taggiasche black olives are a product of excellence from the region of Liguria and among the most renowned in the world. They are characterized by a sweet taste and a very low degree of acidity which confirms their superior quality.

Excellent as an aperitif, blend very well with meat (eg lamb stew with olives), in sauces and also with fish (as in salt cod from Levante). Taggiasche olives are a unique complement for each table.


Store in cool, dry area. once opened keep refrigerated


Taggiasche Olives 65%, Taggiasche Extra Virgin Olive Oil 34%,  Salt 1%

About the Brand

The owner, Anna Ardoino whose forefather started producing EVOO during the 1800s, created an amazing EVOO - Ardoino Fructus Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Her Father, Mr Nanni Ardoino, founded the first school of oil tasting in 1983. When it comes to her generation, Extra Fine Food was borne. All raw materials (olives, citrus, vegetables, herbs etc.) are grown within their 25 hectares of land, using only organic fertilization and hand picking the harvest; they ensure only the best and naturalness of the products, spreading out the flavours of Liguria.