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Averna Amaro 1 LTR



Specially selected herbs, roots and natural spices such as pomegranates, essential oils of bitter oranges and lemons, mixed and infused with pure alcohol for an intense aromatic blend.


Dark Brown


Aromatic scent of orange, liquorice with notes of myrtle, berries, rosemary and sage.


Bittersweet caramel, herbal, spiced, citrusy

Food Pairing

Amaros are designed to be enjoyed with dinner and, as a digestivo, Averna is an after-dinner drink. It can be drunk neat, though is most often served over ice.

Alcohol Content


About the Brand

The company's motto of the Branca Distillerie Brothers "Novare tanando" summarizes the way they handle the present and look to the future. So they innovate in line with the evolution of the socio-economic context, the market trends and the needs of consumers, not forgetting the values that have made the Branca family's industrial and business reality firm. "Tanare" represents the intuition of the founder who has begun a long tradition of doing and doing, to an inimitable craftsmanship that uses formulas for the preparation of ever-altered products.